How I Got Started

My name is Steve Wohlgemuth, and I founded WoogWorks in 2015. I've always loved working with my hands but as a surgeon, woodworking was a little too risky. Early on in my career, I had the opportunity to build a kayak and I loved it, but the danger of power tools could have jeopardized my career. As I was approaching retirement, I thought of getting back into woodturning. That's when I took my first basic woodworking class. Since then I've been taking advanced classes in woodturning to perfect my craft. I love making meaningful gifts that fit in with your personality - premium pens, bottle openers, bottle stoppers, baby rattles, and more!

The Name

My last name is Wohlgemuth and growing up everyone called me Woog or Woogie. My dad, uncle, and my three brothers also have nicknames with some variation of Woog. When I decided to open my business, I involved my entire immediate and extended family to come up with the best name. WoogWorks stuck because it's a nice takeoff on the term woodworking plus it brought our family nickname in play.




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