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Bottle Openers

Check out the photos below to get inspired. Once you have an idea in mind, schedule a call with me to go over all the details.

The Most Unique Bottle Opener On The Market

I specialize in making traditional bottle openers, as well as the cutting edge Niles Solid FDA Food Compliant Stainless Steel Bottle Opener!

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How Does The Niles Opener Work?

The Niles opener simply works as a fulcrum. Watch people’s reaction when you tell them it’s a bottle opener and show them how it works!

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Niles Style Openers = $40-60+

Traditional Openers = $30-50+

Bar Buddy: Can & Bottle Opener = $50-75+

Let's Get Started!

Now that you've had a chance to get inspired, schedule a call with me to place your order today! If you still need some ideas, we can talk about those too!

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